Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karate Belt Display

My son started Karate Lessons back in March and he is loving it.  He is doing well and passing his tests.  After he passed the first test and received his new belt I quickly realized that I would need to find something for his old belts to go on because he wanted to keep them and display them some how.  I looked a little online for displays but I really didn't want to buy something if I didn't have to, especially the expensive ones.

Well, I am also a cub scout leader and for Father's Day in June we had the boys make a tie rack for dad.  I had extra materials left over and it popped into my head that I could use that for my son's Karate belts.  First off I'm happy that any idea popped into my head, really you would not believe my memory, etc lately.  Secondly, it worked perfectly.  Take a look.

So all this is is MDF painted black then I drilled holes (not all the way through) in the board where I wanted the pegs (I don't think I spelled that right) to go.  Then tapped the pegs in with a hammer, and there you go.  I also added the clothes pins so I could put pictures of my son doing Karate.  I just hot glued those on.  I folded up his belt and wrapped a piece of black electrical tape around the top then stuck it on the peg.
He has another belt up there now and it fits just fine right next to the first one.  So this should do the job for awhile.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farmers Market Mini

Each month at Scrap Takeout there is what's called a "Diner's Club".  This month Dandelion Dust Designs created a fun new mini which will be great as the farmers markets and gardens get going here.
Farmers Market Mini

Here is my layout with the kit.
Yes, all that wonderful food came out of my garden!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feel Better Soon

A couple of weeks ago Twin Mom Scraps released a new kit called Feel Better Soon .
This is a wonderful kit to have on hand to scrap and document those injuries, illnesses, or surgeries that come along with having kids or really just being a person. :)

I have a special needs son who is amazing, but even he has had a few surgeries in his life.  And I being a scrapping mom, need to document those times.  Enter this cute kit!

 Feel Better Soon KIT

Here is my layout with the kit.

Summer Cookout

Summer is host to many activities.  One of our favorites is grilling up so yummy food.

Summer Cookout is a new kit by Twin Mom Scraps and it will be perfect for those pictures of picnics, BBQ's, etc.  It is a wonderful kit.
Click Here

Summer Cookout KIT

Here is my layout with the kit.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


So my husband is an avid golfer.  He could play it everyday all day if he didn't have a job to do and a family to be with.  But he tries to get a round in whenever he can.  He also takes a few days to go on a golf trip with some of my brothers.  I'm glad he gets this opportunity, he deserves it!

I will have to say, I love this golf kit from Dandelion Dust Designs.  I haven't seen many out there, but what I have seen I really like this one. 

I was lucky that he had a couple of pictures from the trip a couple of summers ago, it is one of those sports that you usually take pictures of.

Tee-rrific By Dandelion Dust Designs

Monday, May 13, 2013

Graduation Day

Tis the season, no not for Christmas but for Graduations! 
Kids graduating preschool, kindergarten, elementary, jr. high, high school, college.  So you have plenty of pictures to scrap, I know you do.

Twin Mom Scraps has a great kit called Graduation Day.  It would go great with those pictures you have.

Graduation Day BUNDLE

Here is my layout with her kit.

Sunny Days

Yep, another one that I'm behind on. 
This wonderful kit is by Twin Mom Scraps and she teamed up with Connie Prince.  Great and fun kit for summer either for rain or sunshine.
Sprinkles And Sunshine

Sunshine & Sprinkles - Collab Kit

And my layout

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Perfect Day

Wow, I am really slacking!  I totally missed posting about this kit when it was released.  But, better late than never.  So here it is.

A Perfect Day by Dandelion Dust Designs is here and in her store.  Great kit, just like all the others.


 A Perfect Day By Dandelion Dust Designs

Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage is a fun new kit by Dandelion Dust Designs, plus it is on sale right now.  Loving the colors!

Beach Cottage By Dandelion Dust Designs

Here are my two layouts with the Beach Cottage Kit.



Just Dance

I am so behind on scrapbooking stuff it is sick! 

Here is a long a waited paper pack from Dandelion Dust Designs called Sherbet Papers.

Sherbet Paper Pack By Dandelion Dust Designs

Here is my layout.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Up And Away

Twin Mom Scraps made such a great kit for the Gotta Grab It event over at Gotta Pixel.  It is on sale but only until tomorrow (16th of April).
I love the colors and the fact that it has cute hot air balloons, I don't know if I've ever seen hot air balloons in a kit before.
If you don't have hot air balloon pictures, no worries, this kit is cute with so many different kinds of pictures.
Up & Away by Twin Mom Scraps at Gotta Pixel.

click the link then go to her store to see all the other pieces of the kit.

My layout


Busy Bee

Since it hasn't warmed up enough here to be spring I had to break out the photos from last spring so I could do a layout with this cute colab kit from Twin Mom Scraps and Jen C Designs.
Spring Garden is amazing with wonderful colors. 

Spring Garden COLLAB KIT

See I told you it was amazing!

Here is my layout with the kit.

Spring Happiness

Well, my husband would really like some Spring Happiness but it keeps snowing here.  Yep, April 15th and there was an 1 1/2" of snow this morning that stuck around for a few hours.
It is a good thing I can work on cute spring themed kits!

Spring Happiness is by Dandelion Dust Designs and just plain cute and fun.  Just release a few days ago and it is on sale right now, in fact her store at Scrap Takeout is on sale because she is this months featured designer.

Spring Happiness By Dandelion Dust Designs

The following are my two layouts with the kit. 

Happy Spring Everyone!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It is Springtastic!

Twin Mom Scraps has a fun and bright kit out called Springtastic.  It is a lot of fun, check it out, plus it is on SALE!

Springtastic BUNDLE

My layout with this kit.


Dandelion Dust Designs is the featured designer at Scrap Takeout

Hello Everyone

First off, over at Scrap Takeout Dandelion Dust Designs is the featured designer this month and her store is 30% off!  Yeah!  Click here to look at her wonderful kits!
Yes, I just used 3 exclamation points in a row.

Dandelion Dust Designs not only is the featured designer but she has a gift for you too.
Spring Wishes Mini is in her store and you get to set your own price.  Really?  Yep.

Spring Wishes Mini By Dandelion Dust Designs

Here is my layout with the mini kit.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nature's Delight at Ginger Scraps right now!

Ginger Scraps each month does what is called the GS Buffet where a lot if not all of the designers there at Ginger Scraps contributes kits, templates, etc. using the same theme and color palate.  It is so much fun to scroll through and see everyone's work.
Here is a preview of the papers that Twin Mom Scraps did for Nature's Delight.

Nature's Delight PAPERS

Check out the whole thing thought because she did elements and other things too for this.  And do it soon because it is all on SALE!

Here is my layout with Twin Mom Scraps portion of the GS Buffet "Nature's Delight".

Natural Blossoms

Cute new kit and bundle out today by Twin Mom Scraps called Natural Blossoms.
Get it soon because it is on a great sale!

Natural Blossoms BUNDLE

Here is my layout with the kit.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Fresh

It has been a long snow, cold winter.  I love the snow but I'm ready for some warm sunshine and beautiful plants and flowers.
Dandelion Dust Designs has a wonderful new kit called Spring Fresh.  It is on sale right now too so check it out ASAP!

Spring Fresh By Dandelion Dust Designs

Here are my two layouts with the kit.

What A Catch

It is a good thing we started taking the kids fishing last summer so I would have some pictures for this adorable new kit from Dandelion Dust Designs called What A Catch.
See how cute!

What A Catch By Dandelion Dust Designs

It is currently on sale so don't miss it!

Here are two layouts I did with the kit.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Goodies

This past Friday Twin Mom Scraps released a fun and cute kit in time for the Easter pictures you will be taking here shortly.
The kit is called Easter Goodies.  Right now it is on sale and has a lot of cute stuff you can bundle with it too.

Easter Goodies BUNDLE

Here is my layout with the kit and using template #2.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Twin Mom Scraps has such a fun and cute new kit out that I just wanted to share.  It is called Play Day.
It is a really great price right now and check out the other things you can get with it too. Click on the link.  Here is a preview.

Here is my layout with this adorable kit.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lucky Me

Cute, cute, cute, kit out for St. Patrick's Day by Twin Mom Scraps called Lucky Me.  It is part of this month Buffet at Ginger Scraps.
Here is a couple of previews but look on the website too because she has more stuff that goes with it.

Here is my layout with the kit.