Thursday, October 3, 2013

Karate Belt Display

My son started Karate Lessons back in March and he is loving it.  He is doing well and passing his tests.  After he passed the first test and received his new belt I quickly realized that I would need to find something for his old belts to go on because he wanted to keep them and display them some how.  I looked a little online for displays but I really didn't want to buy something if I didn't have to, especially the expensive ones.

Well, I am also a cub scout leader and for Father's Day in June we had the boys make a tie rack for dad.  I had extra materials left over and it popped into my head that I could use that for my son's Karate belts.  First off I'm happy that any idea popped into my head, really you would not believe my memory, etc lately.  Secondly, it worked perfectly.  Take a look.

So all this is is MDF painted black then I drilled holes (not all the way through) in the board where I wanted the pegs (I don't think I spelled that right) to go.  Then tapped the pegs in with a hammer, and there you go.  I also added the clothes pins so I could put pictures of my son doing Karate.  I just hot glued those on.  I folded up his belt and wrapped a piece of black electrical tape around the top then stuck it on the peg.
He has another belt up there now and it fits just fine right next to the first one.  So this should do the job for awhile.

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