Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Buffet at Gingerscraps

So right now over at Gingerscraps a bunch of the designers have created at ton of elements, papers, template, boarders, tags, you name it, with the same color pallet.  It is called the Gingerscraps Buffet.
So Twin Mom Scraps went crazy with so much stuff, really good stuff, you really need to look at it.  Here is a small glimpse.

So click here to see what it is all about.  Make sure you go to page three where you will find Twin Mom Scraps portion.  Hurry soon because it is on sale NOW!

My layout

Today my son came home from school and he said they talked about goals for the new year.  I thought that was pretty cool and I showed him the family goals I had made for 2012.  We weren't perfect and a lot of times they just didn't happen but I put up a paper with the goals all year so I could see them and try to do them.  
So I asked him if we should do goals for 2013 and he said sure.  I told him I would like to keep the goals I had last year and that if he thought of something then we could add that to the list.  It didn't take him long to say "be nice to each other".  I thought that was excellent!  I added to that with "and talk nice".
Not that my family doesn't talk nice and be nice to each other but we definitely could use some improvement on it.
As I made the layout I thought I should add "patience".  More for me than anyone else!  

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