Friday, October 3, 2014

General Conference Goodies for my Beehives

I've recently was called to be a Beehive Adviser.  With General Conference this weekend I thought I would make the girls something to think about, do, and eat!
Pinterest is full of ideas and I found this blog by Marci Coombs that had a great message to go with M & M's.
There is a lot of Halloween Candy out in the stores right now so I got a bag of the small regular M & M's and a bag of the small peanut M & M's.
I also got microwave popcorn and made my own message to go with it.

So I have the M & M's, popcorn, the print outs, I used glue dots but you could use tape, a bag and ribbon.

 Attach the print outs to the goodies.

Put in bag and tie it up with the ribbon and attach a name tag if you want.

So the message for the popcorn says:
Make General Conference POP
Conference can be full of Personal Progress experiences.
See what personal progress experiences can be worked on during conference weekend!

You can find the message for the M & M's here.

I also made this for my sisters I visit teach.  On the popcorn message I just cut off the bottom where it talks about Personal Progress.

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