Friday, July 27, 2012


I love to pick the fresh veggies and fruit from my garden late summer and fall.  Like everyone else I get way to many zucchini!  My solution is to puree and freeze it so during the winter and spring I can make zucchini bread.
I also love to make my own freezer jam.  There is a local place where I can get lots of wonderful raspberries to make my jam with.
Last year I had an abundance of cucumbers, which has never happened before.  I could never get the plant to grow and produce anything up until last year.  What changed?  No idea.  Hopefully that will happen again this year.
Why am I talking about garden, because Dandelion Dust Designs has a new mini kit out at Scrap Takeout called Garden Fresh.
Garden Fresh Mini By Dandelion Dust Designs
Cute huh?
Here is my layout with the mini kit.

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