Friday, August 17, 2012


I took some 4-H classes growing up and one of those classes was a cake decorating class.  I took that class for 3 or 4 years if I remember right and I loved it and it was a lot of fun.  When I had my first baby and his first birthday rolled around I wanted to make and decorate his cake.  With being overwhelmed by getting ready for the party, etc I totally didn't do that first cake justice.  It was bad.  In fact all three of my kids first birthday cakes aren't to the level they should be.
People would probably tell me that they were good but I know better.  So now that I've done 10 years of one birthday cake, 6 years of another and 4 years of another I think I can say that I'm happy with more than half of them.  I've real happy with the way some of them have turned out and then there has been so not so good ones and some cop outs too.  For my middle son he wanted a Spider man cake.  Really?  I didn't know where to start unless I bought a cake pan for way too much money and only used it once.  So as it was coming down to the wire, I bought a gift bag with Spider man on it, cut Spider man out and laid it on top of a rectangular shaped cake.  Oh then there was just a couple of years ago when my daughter wanted a Dora cake, this time I did spend the money on a cake pan but at least it was on clearance.  The week before her birthday 2 of the three kids had the flu, and I mean the flu, flu.  It was bad.  Then the week of her birthday and right before my husband and I were to fly out on a trip for our anniversary we had the flu.  Well, good old Dora ended up with more of a green face rather than a dark skin face.  Luckily my daughter was too young to care about Dora's face being green.

Why this story?  Because I put together a layout of some of the cakes I have made over the years and I used a new kit from Twin Mom Scraps called Tea and Sweets.

And here is my layout, don't laugh at my cakes! :)

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